Chibi Dandy by Krispy Shiro

Chibi Dandy Original Seed Design by Krispy Shiro #461


50.000000 MATIC

Auction Ends in

Woolong Corp has commissioned Familiar NFT artist Krispy Shiro to offer our users a unique perspective on the Chibi Character Design. This Collection features variations on the original artwork. The piece showing is #1 of the Collection, and all the following pieces will be derived from this unique design.

Space Dandy
Krispy Shiro
Chibi Dandy
One of One
Original Seed Design
Blockchain Network
Contract 0x62a...4fcC7
Token ID 461
Token Standard ERC721
Blockchain Network Polygon

Event Price From To Date
Listing 500.00000000 MATIC 0xcce...4aeae 02-10-2022 08:04:10am
Mint 0 MATIC nulled Krispy Shiro 02-10-2022 07:57:16am

Event Price From To Date
Listing 500.00000000 MATIC Krispy Shiro 02-10-2022 08:04:10am

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