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Woolong NFT Marketplace receives several pieces of artwork from anono=ymous artists. We take what we feel are the most unique and post them in this collection. They are each sold by auction starting at 50 Matic. The funds are in trust for the artist who legitimately claims the artwork, determined at our sole discretion. Thank you for your submission. If your piece has sold, you have MATIC in an account waiting for you.

Blockchain Network
Contract 0x62a...4fcC7
Token ID 449
Token Standard ERC721
Blockchain Network Polygon

Event Price From To Date
Listing 50.00000000 MATIC 0x70c...6f388 02-10-2022 08:38:52am
Sell 1.00000000 MATIC 0x7be...44fcd 0x70c...6f388 26-09-2022 09:55:06am
Listing 1.00000000 MATIC 0x7be...44fcd 25-09-2022 03:33:28am
Mint 0 MATIC nulled Unknown Artists 25-09-2022 03:30:29am

Event Price From To Date
Listing 1.00000000 MATIC Marcus Ojetunde 25-09-2022 03:33:28am
Listing Success 1.00000000 MATIC Marcus Ojetunde 26-09-2022 09:55:06am
Listing 50.00000000 MATIC Unknown Artists 02-10-2022 08:38:52am

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