1.100000 MATIC

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Original artwork by Constantine Guliamow licensed by Woolong Corp. All rights Reserved. Intellectual property transferred with NFT.

Blockchain Network
1.100000 MATIC by 0xf40...8cf53
23-09-2022 21:26:52pm
Contract 0x62a...4fcC7
Token ID 149
Token Standard ERC721
Blockchain Network Polygon

Event Price From To Date
Offer 1.10000000 MATIC 0xf40...8cf53 23-09-2022 21:26:52pm
Listing 1.00000000 MATIC 0xfc3...098eb 23-09-2022 21:24:00pm
Mint 0 MATIC nulled Constantine Guliamow 22-09-2022 03:44:27am

Event Price From To Date
Listing 1.00000000 MATIC Constantine Guliamow 23-09-2022 21:24:00pm

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