Woolong Philosophy

Woolong Corp NFT Marketplace gets its inspiration from several animated series from the past 50 years. Most notable are Cowboy Bebop, Space Dandy, and the Carol & Tuesday franchises, where the WOOLONG is the only form of payment or compensation.

The Woolong Corp Ecosystem strives to become a single sign-on hub for everything Blockchain. What is represented on these pages is our effort at providing a home for all amine artists to create NFTs and sell their artwork.


When I sat down to analyze what makes Cowboy Bebop so unique, from its super-fluid fight scenes to its insane grab-bag of a soundtrack, I kept running into the same question. With the kaleidoscope of references, philosophies, narratives, and forms, is it impossible to pull on just one thread to figure out the philosophy of the Cowboy Bebop genre? Then, a background appeared in the opening movement around the beginning of session two. It reads, ‘…been in 2071, in the universe the bounty hunters who are gathering in a spaceship “BEBOP,” will play freely, without fear of risky things. They must create new dreams ... BY BREAKING TRADITIONAL STYLES. The work, which becomes a new genre, will be called Cowboy Bebop.” (Direct translation from the original Japanese)

Those last two sentences about breaking traditional styles and creating a new genre gave me pause. Cowboy Bebop isn’t just about its great characters and deep thoughts. It’s about blurring the lines between genres, and in the case of Cowboy Bebop, these genres include Syfy, Western, and Noir. I found that interesting.

Ray Bradbury tells us, “Science fiction is the fiction of revolutions. Revolutions in time, technology, space, medicine, travel, and thought, above all science fiction is the fiction of warm-blooded human men and women, sometimes elevated and sometimes crushed by their machines.”

That means people are at the heart of any good sci-fi story (or blockchain venture), of which machines (technology) are only a part. Bradberry’s words go a long way for me in explaining why we continually see blockchain venture offerings that are surprisingly heavy on technology.

Agreed, technology is critical to blockchain ventures. There is an argument that can be made that technology is what got us to this point in our blockchain revolution, and it will be technology that provides a better user experience in the times ahead. However, today, the “user experience” focused on by blockchain ventures remains limited to a specific type of user. Sadly, only tech-savvy users can access digital currencies and use them with confidence. I believe this discrimination is unintentional. Blockchain ventures offer functional and operational designs that inadvertently lock out non-tech-savvy people. The “user experience” will have to adjust its focus before any significant global adoption of blockchain dApps become a reality.

Effecting change in the current user experiences facilitates the next stage in digital currency evolution and adoption. And what better collateral to start with than a brand recognized by millions of people, WOOLONG?

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